June 13



If you are starting a new business, or already have a small one person business, it is a good idea to register a company, because there are definite advantages to registering your business in South Africa. One of the most important reasons is business name protection. Onec your company is registered, nobody else is allowed to trade using that name.

As a registered business you may also qualify for tax incentives, or financial assistance. Your business is also likely to grow faster, because many people prefer to deal with a registered company. Think about your own preferences. Would you rather deal with a legally registered company, or an individual. When people deal with registered companies, they feel more secure. Companies give the impression of stability and reliability (most are). This is even more true if there is one person in the business.

Registered companies also have a better chance of getting government contracts or orders from big companies. You will also need a company if you want to start a franchise or grow a big business with several shops or offices.

Once your business has been registered and you have a business phone number, a website and a professional business email address you will have many more opportunities and a better chance to grow. These days, registration is fast. You can register your company in one day. You can also get a business phone number and a domain name (owned by your new company) on the same day.

Registering a company can definitely bring more advantages and opportunities. If you have already been considering it, now is the time to act and start the registration process. Get your company today.


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