April 17



I never thought of starting a blog. In fact, if it was not for my friend who mentioned her recent blogging trends and her request to retweet her blog post tweets, I probably would never approach this platform.

I am still playing with the whole concept of blogging. Being a person who is technology enthusiast, starting was not a major plunge into the deep side of the swimming pool.

After one successful attempt with posting, I am good to go. I think my biggest hiccup, however, was to get a blog name. I am not the most creative person with names, so the best I could came up with was, My Blind Zone. For now, and until I get a creativity spark, this name will suffice.

The next step is to get content to write about. I had a teacher who told me to write and talk about stuff you know about, otherwise you will make a fool out of yourself. So that’s exactly what I intending to do. I am a blind athlete and a technology enthusiast, so this blog will mainly focus on my experiences as a blind person, athletics experiences and technology related topics.

Whether the blog spider will bite me, only time will tell. I will blog as I get time and if I’m enjoying it, you might read a lot from me. I’m looking forward to this journey.

Until my next post, be safe … and if you cannot be safe, be careful!


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