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Apple rolled out iTunes 12.7, many people claimed that it’s now impossible to import a custom ringtone to iTunes and hearing your phone ringing with a section of your favourite song. In this post I will show you how to import a custom ringtone to iTunes.

Let’s jump right in!!

Note: It is important to take notice that you cannot use Apple Music content or any media that is on the cloud.

What you will need

  1. Windows machine running Windows 7 or newer
  2. Music editor such as GoldWave or Audacity
  3. The latest version of iTunes
  4. Screen reader such as NVDA

Create your song

Note: My Method here are slightly different than usual because I find it much easier and faster to use a sound editor to cut the preferred sound clip.

  1. Select your song and edit the track to suit your part of the ringtone using your sound editor referred to above.
    Note: The selection should not be longer than 40 seconds for ring tones and 30 seconds for text tones.
  2. Open iTunes. Import your track to iTunes by pressing CTRL+O. Browse to the selected song and press Enter.
  3. Press Spacebar on “Music” button and check the “Library” checkbox.
    Note: Use Tab to navigate through the window interface.
  4. Select “Songs” from the “library Sidebar”.
  5. Select the track which you are going to use for your ringtone from the list of songs.
  6. Press ALT+F to bring up the “File Menu”, scroll down to “Convert”, press Spacebar, scroll down to “Create AAC Version” and Press Enter.
  7. A new file with the same name of your original track will appear underneath the original track. Press Applications and scroll down to “Show in Windows Explorer” and press Enter.
  8. The folder will open and the original track and another track with the same name, but with a .M4R extension will show up. Press F2 on the “track name”.M4R file and change the file extension to “.M4R”.
    Note: You must first turn off “Hide Extensions for Known file types”, to be able to see and change the file extensions.
  9. An error message “will pop up If you change the file name extension, the file might become unusable”. Press Enter on “Yes”.
  10. ALT+Tab back to iTunes and press Applications on the track and Enter on “Delete from Library”, Enter on “Delete” when prompted and Enter on “Keep” if asked if you want to move the file to the Recycle Bin.
  11. ALT+Tab back to the folder where the track is located and move (Cut & Paste” the file to the “automatically Add to iTunes” folder located in the “Music” > “iTunes” > “Itunes Media” folder.

How to add the ringtone iTunes 12.7 and later

  1. Connect your device to the computer.
  2. In iTunes, Enter on your device.
  3. In the “Device Sidebar” scroll down to “Tones”.
  4. In the ringtone list, Press CTRL+O, browse to the .M4R file and press enter.
  5. The ringtone will appear in the ringtone list.
  6. On your device, the ringtone will appear under the “ringtones” heading in the Settings app, “Settings” > “Sounds” > “Ringtone”.

You are done!


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