August 26

How to fix voiceOver audio routing problem

Apple launched the screen recording feature in iOS 11 and everything worked great, even with recording your screen with voiceOver feedback. But in the iOS 11.3.1 update, according to my experience, voiceOver was routed to the handset speaker as soon as the screen recording started. At the time I did not bother in searching for a solution, but I reasontly stumbled into the same problem on iOS 12.4. When I tried to record my screen with the build in iOS screen recorder, voiceOver automatically routed to the handset speaker. This totally defeated the purpose of my recording because I wanted to record the screen with voiceOver feedback. In this post I’m going to show you how to route the audio back to the speaker after starting a screen recording.

What I’ve tried

  1. In Accessibility Settings I’ve set Call Audio Routing to Speaker.
  2. In Audio Settings in Accessibility > VoiceOver I’ve turned off Auto-select Speaker in Call. Yeah, I know it’s far fetched, but it was worth the try.
  3. After the screen recording started, I’ve turnd voiceOver off and on with the Accessibility Shortcut.
  4. I’ve turned voiceOver off as soon as I tapped on screen recording, and turned it on after the recording have started.
  5. I’ve turned off Microphone in the Screen Recording options, and turned it back on after I’ve started the screen recording. This really gave me high hopes because voiceOver Worked fine until I turned on Microphone.
  6. I also try to turn off the Microphone and turned it back on after I’ve started the recording.
  7. While using my headsets, I tried to set the speaker to iPhone speaker via the Control Center > Music Options (double tap and hold on Music or 3d touch on Music) > Show Playback Destination But he option to swich to iPhone speaker was not there.
    Note: With the iOS12.4.5 update this problem seems to be fixed.

All these troubleshooting did not fix the problem. I’ve did some online research and it turned out that the solution was so close but still so far.

The solution: How to route voiceOver back to iPhone with Screen Recording

  1. Make sure the audio recording is on by double tap and hold, or 3d touch, on the Screen Recording in the Control Center and turn on Microphone.
  2. Start the screen recording.
    Note: I assume you have already added Screen Recorder to the Control Center.
  3. Turn up the volume of your phone and use the handset speaker.
    Note: With the iOS12.4.5, you can also use headsets.
  4. Go to Show Media Controls in the Control Center.
  5. Double Tap and hold, or 3d touch, on Music to bring up the More Controls or Music Options.
  6. Tap on Show Playback Controls.
  7. Tap on iPhone Device.

The voiceOver, or any audio for that matter, will route through the iPhone speaker again. I’ve also realise that the screen recording app saves this setting so you do not have to do it again.

Another problem

As I was reading for a solution, I came across several solutions for a problem where the video and audio tracks get split after it is saved to Camera Roll, this problem must have been fixed in an update because I’ve shared a video and I did not experienced this problem.
This rounds up today’s post. I hope this post help you in fixing the voiceOver problem with the Screen Recording app. Happy recording! And if you record any great content on YouTube, please let me know.


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